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Stoned Dead

This is the story about Adam, who was a normal everyday man of the world and now a famous rock star.

He is by many, the envy of humanity, whose dreams of achieving fame and fortune have become reality.

But this is the tale, no one would envy.

The outcome of fame isn't always what we perceived it to be. Nor does this guarantee a great and wonderful life.

Since the devastating death of his daughter Jennifer, Adam has been experiencing overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame. He has become a lost living soul and his haunted by the demons in his mind. In his attempt to totally forget the awful event that killed his daughter, and to evade the painful manifestations in his mind, he purposely abuses large quantities of alcohol and potent narcotics. Guilt ridden more than ever, he feels trapped in a world filled with graphic, horrific nightmares, and strange wonderful flashbacks about his family before he was a rock star. As the mental anguish spirals out of control, his hallucinations and delusional thoughts heighten with no end in sight. In his confused state, Adam is not sure if he's dreaming or experiencing anything real anymore. He's reached the crossroads of life and death.

The power of the subconscious mind to evade guilt and keep denial in check is most spellbinding. The psyche has capabilities such as escapism and selective amnesia Io keep mental upheaval at bay. The safe zone is at the subconscious level. Enduring and hiding feelings of guilt and shame can last only so long. Then, all hell will break loose!

Delve into the mind of Adam and prepare for alien encounters, confusion, hallucinations, delusional thoughts, and more psychological mayhem than you knew existed.

Adam's spacecraft is about to take off. Won't you join him for the wild ride that will certainly blow your mind!

--David Kahlstorf

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