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Stone Tavern

Stone Tavern has been in existence for thousands of years and is the only place to be when the Gods want to watch, wager, and hopefully win their Aegon Games. The rivalries between the Gods are unmatched as the stream of shenanigans they pull unfolds throughout the Aegon. Not only does this competitiveness to win their Olympic Games continue to dominate and control them, it also rallies them into jockeying for a position at the upcoming Galaxy Extravaganza, which is the next level of play. The tactics displayed by some of them prove to be extremely risky and not just for them, but for Earth itself and everyone on it.

Just like the Gods, Max Wayne is competing for a slot in the Extravaganza as a human competitor. He’s one of their best Collectors on Earth, and he too must qualify during the Aegon Games to become a contestant. The process for him is very simple: to become eligible he must protect his Salvages during their games, winning each game while collecting the stones and then returning the players to their original destination, a very challenging feat to say the least.

Join the Gods and Max as they take the ride of a lifetime working their way through the Aegon Games and time.

--Aggie Butler

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