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Lazar & Jingles with Bunson: Stars Cease to Shine

Within a lifetime, it only takes one to change the course of events. One to make a choice. An object to influence destiny. A person to make things right. It only takes one to make tomorrow different. To make tomorrow an adventure into something wonderful. Or let it descend into a realm of chaos. A portal into destruction.

That one presence, or lack thereof, helps to choose the path our life takes forever onward. Into the hand of God, we place our spirit as we choose to let that presence remain, or send it on its way forever. The presence stays and tomorrow is good. The guiding force leaves and tomorrow is bad. Sometimes life is just that simple.

Such are the fates of Lazar, Jingles, and Bunson at this present hour. As well as another. A dream is dreamed below the stars as he enters the scene. A cousin named Sylvester Alexander Koala. A dream he dreams with one so special, and another so close. They walk into a night like none before. A night event taking place outside of December that will eventually mean much. Not only to the trio from Michigan, but to those who watch a yo-yo swing.

Stars shine bright then blink. The darkness falls into the ground. The best of us is forced out into the cruelty of this world's night. For time and again in a world of yesterdays, nothing happened. The world walked on, and goodness was swallowed up in shadow's victory. Nothing given in return. However, this is not the world of yesterday. This is one crushing night the world is forced to give something back. For Sylvester is no ordinary Koala.

Lazar, Jingles, Bunson, together with their friend Jack Thompson, each will learn what happens when right is wronged, when dreams are made real and then turned into nightmares. Their hopes will be doubled and dashed, only to be darkened into eternity's dawn.

Lazar, Jingles, Bunson, their cousin Sylvester, and the entire planet Earth are about to learn what happens when stars cease to shine.

--Kendrick Sims

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