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Standing with the Dog: K9 Psychology in a Nutshell

It is time for Those Who Love Dogs to Stand with Them

The history of dog and man dates back thousands of years, yet key knowledge of the dog's innate qualities, characteristics, unique behaviors and skills still elude many who interact with dogs personally, and even professionally. As a result, the dog, "Man's Best Friend", has suffered.

In Standing with the Dog: K9 Psychology in a Nutshell, dog training expert and advocate, Mel Helmick Lamb, shares crucial practical information and insights that will greatly benefit those in the Shelter/Rescue/Animal Cruelty and Neglect industry, and anyone else who loved and interacts with dogs.

In this book, you will learn keys to quality animal education, including:

- prerequisites for the handler, canine and training team.

- history of the domestication, unique drives, and pack structure of the canine.

- characteristics of the shelter dog and how to care for the abused and neglected dog.

- problems with current canine breeding practices, and popular spaying and neutering practices, and much moreā€¦

Those who love the dog, who are willing to commit their time to making the world of the dog a better place will find a wealth of useful information in these pages. Standing with the Dog: K9 Psychology in a Nutshell, will deepen your knowledge and understanding of "man's best friend" and inspire you to always stand with the dog.

Mel Helmick Lamb's education in the training and care of animal began at an early age, under the tutelage of her great-grandfather, who loved life and animals. She has decades of formal training and field work and is recognized as an expert by professional canine organizations nationwide. She has trained countless animals that have deployed professionally in the United States and throughout the world.

--Mel Helmick Lamb

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