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Standing Strong

Starting out in life, I never enjoyed my teenage years because I was suffering from a mental sickness, got married, and had three children. We were very poor but happy. I came to America, looking for a better life for the children, and all hell broke loose. My ex-husband started living a life I never thought of. I came to America illegally and had to run from immigration.

It was heartrending what I went through after getting my legal papers, receiving my permanent resident card, and finally getting the children into the United States. I was homeless with three children. I was abused physically, mentally, and emotionally. I had to run away. It was the most terrifying time of my life on the road, and I had nowhere to go. As a parent, you try to stir your child in the right direction. Unfortunately, one of my son turned to the wrong path, and there was endless troubles. I couldn't be there for them because I had to work two jobs.

I started to save what I could to buy a house in the United States, and way after, I built my house in Jamaica so I could migrate when it was cold in America. I later got married with another man, but that went downhill. I got sick with my right foot, and it was difficult to walk. My huge mansion in Jamaica was finally finished, and I started to enjoy the warm visits from my lovely family.

Then misery hit. All of a sudden, a neighbor I used to be more than a mother to became envious of me and decided to block the road that I had dug out ten years prior with his building. That was the only way to my house. I decided to take the case to court and ended up with a lawyer that was a crook and didn't do anything for the case. The lawyer was presented with all the information needed to win the case.

Six years later, I was still dealing with skeptical lawyers. Other lawyers were dumbfounded as to why the judge ruled in his favor to own the road. I have a new lawyer working on the case now, and I've received my registered title to say I own the road. Today, the trial has not ended, but trials are there to make us strong. There is nothing that I've been in where my Lord and Savior have never gotten me out of. Just trust in God. He will make a way. May God bless you all!

--Violet Simpson

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