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Speak, Your Life is Still Your Own

Poetry is a sacred pledge and a revolt against the reactionary summons of history and words commingled with life's immense thunderstorms reverberating resistance, love, and commitment toward oppressed people and their sufferings in order to generate an ongoing critical and democratic dialogue as a dialectical hymn in terms of thought as a discourse to infect and liberate historical mind. The destiny of art in our times is none other than the progress of the consciousness of freedom, and poetry transmits that feeling. It connects and unifies humanity to attain its highest ideals and to challenge the conventional wisdom of aesthetics and art for art's sake. Life is a Moby Dick, and we the poets and artists are Captain Ahab of history. Poetry is a voyage, a journey, and most wonderful adventure for imagination. It is an epic of hunting and exploring ideas with emotional sincerity, simplicity, and honesty in the footsteps of all great and glorious creative Milky Ways. Poetry is like mining our selves and digging our hearts and to extract all the weird perspectives and feelings for the desired materials that we need to discharge and mix with music of colorful and budding futuristic words, words as a passionate desire for change and independence, words driven from the blooming valleys of imagination, words like mustard seeds and birds of heavenly grace, beauty, and peace as a people's pledge against the brutality, ignorance, and all forms of oppression.

--Moen Haider

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