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Speak Incest Out Loud

Nicole's story of incest survival is purposed to support the path toward peace for those that may be in the thralls of this type of abuse or may be many years removed from their abuse experiences. Speak Incest Out Loud® will mentor readers in identifying actual and potential prey, survivors, and vile predators. Whether a frightened victim, an angry survivor, a family member of someone victimized, a teacher or church congregant, there is a message and teachable moment for you.

The authors show us that there are many participant roles in the cycle of incest both directly and indirectly. Identifying these team players, as the writers call them, is an important component of the healing process. Nicole believes that deliberate confrontation of personal truths and removing personal masks which kept secrets living in the shadows were two of the many stepping-stones along her path toward healing. The purpose of Speak Incest Out Loud® is to enable survivors in rescuing the frightened child hidden deep within who has been awaiting your healing so they may be delivered into the light, to freedom, and into a life of joy and peace.

This book lives up to its name and will teach you how to overcome fear, self-doubt, low self-esteem and will truly help you speak incest out loud.

—Sharon Skinner, Phenomenal Peace Book Club

Reading Speak Incense Out Loud had me on the edge of my seat as I became emotional for the little girl that the writer came back and rescued. The book teaches its readers the signs of abuse and how to be aware of the predators who linger in the shadows. I highly recommend this book.

—Crystal Edwards

Owner of I Care Daycare and CEO of Brystal Visions Inc.

--Nicole Jackson and Jesse Owens II

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