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Space: Tales of Our New Beginnings

Fire at their backs where we hoped their shields would be weakest. They had no need to watch their backs, plus our fighters will be giving them unholy hell in their front and sides.

Now if . . . and I mean a big if . . . this goes as planned . . . we win, and no one dies. No probs as Taz would say. Meanwhile on the surface, Sarge knocks out the crew at the atomic, and the colony and Sarge's crew work on those Bearillas. When you think about it, what could possibly go wrong? It's time four, three, two, one, Mark!

Stop! I repeat, all stop!

"What the hell!! Dallas? What's going on, buddy? Do you feel okay?" Taz mustered up a slow and steady voice.

Captain Dallas Steelman of the Earth Ship Black Beauty. "I have in my hands three questions, Captain Steelman, it is policy that when it is possible to go rouge when you may indeed be insane to do what you just did . . .I am fine Taz. "Oh Taz, Taz." It seemed that I was going to . . .Taz old man, what the hell is going on here? Captain Rodrick, either stand down or leave, your choice. But Captain unless you can state a valid reason why I should not continue I will blow you, your crew and ship into unholy hell. sir? Do I make myself loud and clear? Think before you speak. For it may be the last words heard forever.

--A. J. Oliver

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