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Southern Gals

Southern Gals takes place in Orangeburg, South Carolina, in the 1950s. Two cousins, Melinda (Me) and Lucinda (Ludie), are living with their Aunt Ant (Antonia) and their Uncle B (Robert). They share a two-bedroom wooden house, which contains a wood stove, and they have a few animals. The farm is their way of life. Melinda and Lucinda have big dreams of leaving the farm life for a better life in New York. They have heard so much about Brooklyn and can’t wait to get there. They have been working on Aunt Ant about the move, but Uncle B needs some more work on. He seems to be depressed and not interested in most anything.

CL is their neighbor whom they dearly love. He can be somewhat bothersome. He approached them about the overdue payment for the wood they got a month ago. When he is told of their plans to move to Brooklyn, he isn’t convinced. He says, “Y’all ain’t nothing but some Southern gals.” He pursues his career and gives up wood business.

Aunt Ant thinks the world of CL. All she wants to do is cook on her wood stove and dip snuff.

Uncle B is comfortable where he is and is always complaining.

Melinda is a songwriter who has been writing for years. She finally lands a music contract and is approached by her manager in an uncomfortable way. She waited this long for something to happen, and this is what happens. She knew the offer sounded too good to be true.

Lucinda is a record producer and is doing quite well in the business. She questions Melinda and finds out what happened. She tells her not to worry about money and that they will be fine. Melinda gets a grip on herself and stops her worrying and constant crying.

--Gail Rivers

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