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First the push, then the shove. A fall without grace. She'll go toe to toe with everything she's got. En pointe to point. Sorry won't cut it.

On a November evening in New York City, Anora, a rising ballet star, covered head to toe in the remains of what would have been her twenty-first birthday feast, sees, once again, the sorry snob of a guy who shoved her earlier, attempting to steal her cab. Ethan is dining in style and hasn't got a clue that Anora's about to return the favor. Instead of letting bygones be bygones—after all, he did say he was sorry while tossing money on her fallen form—Anora marches into the five-star restaurant, giving him a verbal shove that will change his life. As a gift to herself, Anora serves Ethan a dish of revenge best consumed publicly. Yeah, that'll teach him. Anora is tired of hearing the word sorry. It has always been what's fueled her courage to work harder, do more, and be more.

Accidents do happen, don't they?

Who will clean up the mess? Ethan has never been more sorry. Wait, scratch that. Sorry he isn't. But sorry he will be after seeing himself through the eyes of a green-eyed dancing faerie, if he doesn't find the courage to follow his dreams and his heart. Confronting his dad is one thing; finding the waif again is another. Until he does. Then, his life will never be the same. No, he isn't sorry. Never was, never will be. Even when she has the last word—sorry.

--Catherine Lampshire

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