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Some Geese they Went A-Walking

Mother Goose and Father Goose have decided to take

a walk through their neighborhood. It's a beautiful day

outside, and they want to see their friends Able and

Mable, and Pete and Jane.

"Besides which," says Father Goose. "We need to get

some exercise."

So off they go—hey, wait a minute, look at all those Grey

clouds in the sky! It looks as though it might rain.

"I need to get my umbrella," says Mother Goose.

So come on, boys and girls, put on your rain boots, or your

galoshes, and your raincoat, if you have one. Grab your

umbrella—that really big one—and bring your mom and dad with

you and Grandma and Grandpa. We are about to go a-walking.

Who knows, we might even see some of our neighbors!

--Dianne Johnson

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