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Solving the Riddle

Dr. Abdur–Rahman's life journey took on an unusual evolutionary process from delinquency to adult court, long–term incarceration, rehabilitation, and a progressive and productive life. From Pop Warner quarterback to one of the most recognized drug dealers in Philadelphia and one of the most influential people on the campus of one of America's most historic universities.

To solve the riddle of life's journey, there are questions that must be answered, mysteries that must be solved, and meaning applied to both.

In this book, Dr. Abdur–Rahman has presented a case study of an at–risk youth and ex–felon that demonstrated the example that, if given healthy information, one can avoid and even transcend the environmental influences and dysfunction that create negative outcomes. In addition, he has given working professionals in the field of delinquency prevention ideas that can help them develop their own successful methodologies and has proven a vital need for "Clean Slate" legislation to create a second–chance forum, so other successfully transitioned ex–felons do not have to hide their past and employers can feel comfortable hiring ex–felons. You will hear him tell stories about situations and individual relationships, each giving hints to the riddle that he had to solve for himself.

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--Dr. Kevin H. Abdur-Rahman

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