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Soigné: The Supreme Gentleman's Style Guide

Are you someone who wants to be stylish but don't really know how? Do you know your style but looking for ways to enhance it? Are you advanced in your style but looking for ideas on how to evolve and stay relevant? Are you a woman who likes to shop for her man? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then Soigne: The Supreme Gentlemen's Style Guide is perfect for you.

In this comprehensive, all-inclusive style guide, you'll learn about the history of some of the world's most iconic pieces like the trench coat, loafers, and fedora. We'll cover when and how they were made in addition to who designed/discovered them and why, and how they became the classics that we all know and love.

After getting the background of the garment, you get some tips on how to get the proper fit. Fit is arguably the most important aspect when it comes to being well-dressed.

Second in importance to fit is the fabric content and fabrication. We cover natural fabrics like wool, cotton, and silk and specialty fabrics like vicuna, alpaca, and cashmere. Man-made fabrics like polyester, rayon, and acetate are explained also. You'll get the pros and cons of each fabric plus when and where to wear them.

Soigné is one of the few, if not the only, style guide of its kind that talks about color theory. We go into detail about the color wheel and why certain colors are paired together, and how you can use them in your wardrobe. We talk about discovering your undertone also. Most people just wear colors they like, but when you know your undertone, you can wear colors that will compliment you skin tone best.

From history and fit to fabric and color theory and much more, Soigné: The Supreme Gentleman's Style Guide is a must have for every stylish gentleman.

--Demetrices Riley

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