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Soca Treats Destiny and Passion

Enjoy reading, Soca Treats Destiny and Passion. This book tells of two groups of friends out for a night of unwinding from the day-to-day stress.

Alyssa Nelson, Maxi Ayms and Felise Evans, longtime school and neighborhood friends and businesswomen, who are strong in their faith in God, in their love of family and are very active within their communities, are out to Soca Treats for a night of enjoyment. They are unaware that their already busy lives and their faith is about to be tested.

Cameron Syms and his friends have been close like brothers since grade school and through their college years. The fellows are all successful in their businesses and careers; they have chosen to hang out at Soca Treats to blow off some stress themselves.

Cameron and his friend Ray Jones are about to cross paths with Alyssa and Felise in a way that is orchestrated only by God. Neither group has a clue that destiny and passion can still be found at a place called Soca Treats.

--Glenda Phillips

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