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Small Aircraft Operations Manual

This book is a compilation of a half–century of flying experience in general aviation machines (sixteen thousand hours) and provides specific techniques and tips to enhance your knowledge of aviation and to improve your abilities and confidence as a pilot or student (and person). Coupling that flight background with decades of hands–on aircraft accident investigation involvement provides a completely fresh insight into being a pilot. The goal of this manual is to save lives!

Small Aircraft Operations Manual is all about aviating airplanes. The hows and whys of flying such craft are explained in abundant detail (66 pages before engine start and 106 to even get airborne), along with the potentially dire consequences if the pertinent safety lessons therein are ignored.

Many true stories and incidents (some humorous) are used to illustrate important points. The aviation enthusiast will also enjoy the flying history and lore woven into this simple and easy–to–read text. If you are flying general aviation aircraft or want to learn, then read and heed. This was written for you and your passengers, family, and friends.

--Stephen M. Lind JD ATP

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