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Sixty-Two Days to Eternity

Sixty-Two Days to Eternity is a story of a retired shipyard worker who is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He is given two months to live. The two main characters are Aaron Zachary and a talking cat named Harvey that is addicted to Land O’Lakes cheese and has an IQ of 162. Harvey is also a male chauvinist feline. The story reveals how the two of them take care of each other. They literally depend upon each other. While Aaron tends to Harvey’s physical needs, like food, water, shelter, warmth, medical care, and a clean litter box, Harvey is the force that directs Aaron in his quest for his life’s spiritual and physical truth.

The writing deals with the heartache and depression of a man who has been given a two-month death sentence. It reveals how the world of doctors and hospitals put roadblocks in his way. To make matters worse, the insurance companies put up their own roadblocks. Aaron soon discovers that the medical world and insurance companies are huge oligopolies of mismanagement, corruption, ineptness, greed, and incompetence. Harvey has told him this all along, but Aaron must discover the truth for himself.

Fearing that he might go into eternity lost, he begins to seek some sort of spiritual salvation. He has one disappointment after another. Harvey guides and directs Aaron along his way. Harvey’s mission on earth is to show Aaron the way by giving him hints, direction, and encouragement. Harvey fully realizes that Aaron must find his own way in the end.

The story is humorous, tear-jerking, and full of love and reveals a special alliance and dependence between a man and his cat. They take care of each other. They love each other. While Aaron fulfills Harvey’s needs, it’s evident that Harvey is the head of household as he walks Aaron through his death sentence and his spiritual quest.

--Roy D. Perkins

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