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Simi the Blowfish on Being Different

Why am I different? Children have to be carefully taught to see difference as a way to be bet-ter or lesser than someone else. Prejudice ABOUT ANYTHING OR ANYONE THAT IS DIF-FERENT is driven by a lack of understanding of diversity as a positive thing - We must teach the appreciation of difference as enriching each of us with opportunities to see things in many different and wonderful ways——-Simi is different but until he realizes he is not like his other friends he uses difference to make fun or ridicule others.

This is a book about the foundational value of diversity and why we must teach our children early on the importance of seeing difference as a positive thing. Being different doesn't make us better or lesser -it allows each of us to make our own uniquely rich contribution to the tapestry of life.

--Dr. Sandra M. Hillman

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