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Silenced But Determined

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, in the 1950s, I was raised during a time of political and racial unrest in America. However, I never witnessed a firsthand account of racism. I was exposed to the civil unrest in America, the unveiling of a truly dedicated, amazing, and remarkable man, Reverend Martin L. King Jr. (who in my opinion was the greatest black man in my lifetime). Also I believe that since the untimely death of Reverend King, the black community had never had a leader of relevance (my opinion). Silence But Determined tells a compelling true life story describing horrific life-changing events. The manner in which justice was utilized in my experience is reflective in comparison with modern-day slavery. A systematic doctrine of racism that I am led to believe that it does not really exist. The compelling doctrine that most people have come to believe in and live by has manifested grave injustice to people of color. I myself (not the victim) attempt to uncover the hidden truth about America's judicial system. Right out of the proverbial story needle in a haystack, when the question "who's to blame?" arises from the supporters and naysayers alike, how can I give a definitive answer? Well I'm determined to accomplish the feat of uncovering the needle in the haystack and give my answer to the question "who is to blame?" We tend to view life from a smaller vision looking through a smaller glass. So what must be done to give everyone a view from the same size of the glass? Reconstruct the criminal justice system in America (specifically in Houston, Texas) from top to bottom. A very unfortunate turn of events that definitely had a negative impact on a generation of black people's lives. I speak of how the system chewed me up and spit me out. Literally! For twenty-three years and three hundred and fifty-three days, I truly was enslaved in the criminal justice (not really) system. However, I instinctively rose from what many would have called being dead. I want to give tribute to God almighty! Truly God has brought me along to give this testimonial of how strong faith and belief can overcome any obstacle. God truly has the last word!

--Synnachia McQueen Jr.

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