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Shhhh Don't Tell

Francheska, Zoe, Sadie, and Emma were sure they would have another uneventful summer at Superior Lake; they had been spending summers at their lake houses, and it had always been uneventful.

Francheska, Zoe, Sadie, and Emma were very glad that they had each other to hang with.

Emma and Zoe's father was a professor of geology at the University of Michigan, and he had gotten a Professor Coolage notes on how he believes that Porcupine Mountain is a dormant volcano and when it erupts, it will trigger earthquakes, which will trigger the Keweenaw fault, which runs along the bottom of Michigan, and if triggered would shove Lower Michigan into Upper Michigan, and Michigan will become an island. Their dad, along with Francheska and Sadie's, studied the mountain and checked for any changes.

Francheska, Sadie, Emma, and Zoe decided to try out this new path that had been built the last year. Halfway up the mountain, they stopped at the picnic area and started having lunch when these two girls walked up to them and introduced themselves to Francheska, Sadie, Emma, and Zoe,

Ashlynn and Aubrey told Francheska, Sadie, Emma, and Zoe that their parents came to Porcupine Mountain; their parents wanted to bring them and their annoying little brother, Zachery, to the mountain to get away from the distraction of the big city and spend some quality family time. Francheska saw a path from the path that had just been made. The girls decided to take it to see where it led. The girls met a hairy boy their age named Zeek. A large black cloud showed up, and lightning hit the ground; a bear came out of the woods ready to attack them. Zeek had a flasher and flashed the bear, and the bear ran away screaming.

Zeek took the girls to his house, more like a mansion, once belonging to a Professor Coolage, who left the home to the Thomlanes. Zeek's mother and father were nervous at first to have the girls at their home but ended up enjoying them.

The girls got trapped up the mountain for three weeks because of fires and storms.

Emma and Zeek really liked each other.

The events that happened changed the girls' lives, as well as Michigan, forever.

--Deb Brainard

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