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Sherry Needs a Friend

I was born, Sherry Rue. I had moved to Washington, the place we were renting did not allow pets. I had found a good home for my dog but I really missed her. With all the rain and the lack of sunshine, it did not take long until I became depressed. Did not know anyone, my husband was working and I was sad. My doctor told me to find something I was passionate about and go with it. I needed a friend, so my search began. Since my first Pekingese dog back in the 1980's, that was my kind of dog. In my search it became obvious that I needed to find a Peke, that was my passion. It took a while but I found my Tootsie. We made arrangements with our landlord and lived happily ever after. To keep me busy I wrote about my adventure. Fifteen years later, my grandchildren love my story and have given me the encouragement to get it published. I hope you enjoy my story. Tootsie has had many adventures.

--Sherry Alger

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