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Shattering the Icons

Fidel Castro. Che Guevara. Cesar Chavez. Karl Marx. Mao Tse-tung…and others. All Icons of the Progressive Left, and similarly the infallible Icons of the early years of Professor Frank M. Luna as he grew up in a small farm in Central California. After his matriculation at Fresno State, Professor Luna soon discovers that the Iconic foundation has cracks, and he decides to cleave them open for all to see.

In this flowing and riveting account, Professor Luna chronicles his decades-long transformation to discard his political upbringing amidst the discovery of the horrors of these Marxist leaders and their states, while also exposing the US academic community’s complicity in their crimes against humanity. At times humorous and always engrossing, along his journey Professor Luna encounters biased instructors, heroic and quirky students, and institutions of higher learning that are not quite what they promote themselves to be.

Shattering the Icons is an engaging narrative of a political and teaching transformation. A must read for the general public and educators alike, Shattering the Icons is a clarion call for the academic community in the US to transform itself.

--Frank M. Luna

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