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Shaky People

Shaky People, with its intricate multilayered happenings, turns pages as a suspenseful, drama-based novel about betrayal, deception, corruption, revenge, power, and deep, dark family secrets that revolve primarily around four friends. Nothing could have prepared them for the avalanche of treachery and deceit that unfolds as they maneuver through life.

Jackie Bardona, an aspiring musician/vocalist and trusted confidant to three of her closest friends, finally gets the break she needs and is propelled to stardom with the help of her philandering boyfriend. However, a twist of life-changing events begin to unfold for each of her friends.

David Howard (Dave), Jackie’s childhood friend, who’s leading a double life, decides to come clean with his wife, Vanessa, a high-profile criminal attorney in one of Chicago’s most prestigious law firms. What Dave reveals to his wife backfires and he must deal with the consequences of a scorned wife and her fury.

Deola Hudson (Dee) had a very unstable childhood. What happens to her is every mother’s nightmare. It all began the night her mother left home and never returned. Now, as an adult, Dee has to deal with the demons of her past through therapy and hypnosis in order to cope with the present. If that’s not enough, her mother’s past comes back to haunt her. One of the city’s most powerful and corrupt leaders of organized crime is in hot pursuit and will stop at nothing to erase his past mistakes.

Loretta McGraw, an up-and-coming fashion designer, becomes intertwined in a series of unfortunate events, which lead to revenge and the unraveling of dark family secrets. The McGraws, a powerful and wealthy family, hold capital all over the world, but their family secrets, which go way back to her deceased grandfather, could cost Loretta her life, as well as the loss of some of her family’s public holdings and social status.

And then there’s Wayne Maxwell, a college professor, who wreaks havoc on the McGraw family’s dynasty when he unleashes startling revelations about the family’s hidden secrets.

--Michelle A. Jackson

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