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Seeking Community: A Spiritual Journey

The title Seeking Community: A Spiritual Journey came to me almost before I knew what the content of the writing would be. You could say that this writing was created around the title, as my eighty-year life journey has made me became more aware of the importance of the friendships and relationships that are made with everything. Each of these relationships constitutes or creates a community unto itself. Most of us spend our entire life looking for and modifying our relationships and communities in accordance with our life needs as those needs change throughout life. The motivation for the creation of any relationship is the need to belong. The connection that is then made is spiritual, meaning that it is about the feeling of belonging, the creation of the friendship, the connection that is of importance, whether those relationships are with people, animals, things, or with the world around us. It is the connection itself that is spiritual, not the entity. The realization that all feelings, good or bad, are spiritual, which is the essence of this writing. Without the connections made through community, there would be no evolution, which is growth and/or change, because there would be no entity to share that which has been learned with. This is the scenario for all species, not just man.

--William Mahler

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