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The story we are about to share is based on real events filled with greed, not just of money but of power and position. It is a story of insurrection against anything that was not "our thing!" This is a story of crime and punishment and a life out of control. It is the heartbreak of family and the disappointment of self. I tell this tale to enlighten followers and to encourage believers not to believe.Omertà is a way of life not easily entered into, and it is even more difficult to escape. The act of sedition is to fight against the very fabric of society, to trust in the understanding that you subscribe to a cloud of morals that the rest of the world only fantasize about in the darkest recesses of their minds.The Mafia makes jailbirds of fathers, husbands, and sons, where the admirer holds to a truth right up to the point of their incarceration. When the jig is up and your number is called, that's when you tell your story walking, but then it's too late. Game over.

--Victor Clavizzao

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