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Secret Land of Creatures

Everyone has days in their lives when they help a kind stranger that they may never see again. But when Maddie decides to help these kind strangers, they become people that she sees every day. Maddie's walking her dog on a normal day when she falls into a field of an everlasting snowstorm and finds a mother and son buried deep inside. After speaking with them and finding out how they ended up stuck in the winter season year-round, she decides to help them get out and, hopefully, see the other three seasons they've been missing. Her world is flipped upside down beneath her feet, and she loses relationships that she holds dear to her heart but gains new ones that she will hold dearer. As Maddie goes on this quest, she fights monsters, gains powers, gets a talking dog, and most importantly learns about her life and the life of those around her.

--Carolyn Yagaka

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