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Secret Agenda

Secret Agenda is a fictional manuscript for middle grade. Neal and his cousin spied on their nasty neighbor, Marian Casberry. Every morning, her car was full of dogs and cats. Where did they come from and where were they going?Their secret agenda brought them danger, adventure, and satisfaction. They discovered and proved that Mrs. Casberry was kidnapping neighbor's pets and selling them for medical research.The inner conflict is about an only child's emotions. Neal was upset over the soon expected arrival of a new baby brother.When Neal's dog, Sparky, was missing, the agenda got into action. They had just found Neal's dog in one of Mrs. Casberry's sheds and didn't hear her return. She locked them in, but they escaped. Neal called the police, and with the proof that he found in the shed, Marian Casberry was arrested and taken to jail.Neal went home to meet, Michael, his new brother. He's so tiny. Neal closed the story by saying, "No one will ever hurt you. Not while I'm around."

--Joyce Sharer-Figart

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