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Second Nature Leadership

Leadership can be described as a set of effective characteristics or habits that one exhibits on a daily basis that influences others. Have you ever stopped to think about your habits and how they impact your leadership outcomes? Habits form when behavior is repeated and becomes unconsciously automatic after enacted on continuously. Quality leadership actions will, too, become instinctive when they are repeated multiple times, thus becoming second nature actions. Since a habit is an avenue that your brain automatically follows, you will need to reengineer some of your thought process and execute new actions repeatedly until the actions become inherent. The actions outlined in this book will be sure to take your leadership success to the next level. The only way to stay sharp and effective in your leadership is to constantly apply the traits that are used and taught by effective leaders. When the traits expressed in this book are put into action and consistently performed, you will soon do them almost without thinking and in turn become a second nature leader.

--Freddy Caceres

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