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Screenplay for Nome's Polar Princess

This is a true story of how one man, on his journey to the Arctic Circle to satisfy his bucket list, finds love in Nome, Alaska. Edward, an electrician and California native, travels to Nome armed with his fishing gear and his guns for hunting. In short order, he sets both aside after meeting Nora, an educator in the area and in the villages. She is a redhead that tries desperately to hide her voluptuousness. Nora, a transplant from the Midwest, was hired to help the native youth to acclimate to city life. The native people are generous and accepting of Edward, who is a kind and generous man to the native people and to Nora.

This adventure begins when Nora's story begins, and I'm paying homage to her for this. Edward has never experienced anyone like Nora. As their sexual experiences blossom and their relationship deepens, there is only one problem-Nora is married, and her husband, Park, is not happy about it. As the story unfolds, Park finds out about Edward, and he's ready to kill him; but Park lives in the Midwest, far from Nome, so for the time being, Edward is safe. At this point, Nora wants to marry both men, which is shocking to Edward and maddening to Park. Nora struggles with bipolar disorder, which causes friction between the couple and confusion for Edward, who has never experienced this before.

This is a journey of love and lust in the heart of a cold, desolate, sometimes very lonely, and unforgiving place. This journey is one that Edward could never have imagined and wouldn't change for the world.

The names of the individuals and animals in this story have been changed to protect their identities. The story includes explicit sexual language, adult content, and erotica.

--Edward Henry

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