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Science and Faith: It's Not A Debate

Why have so many books and discussions on science and faith framed their arguments as science versus faith? By what authority was it decided that one side is completely right and the other wrong? In Science and Faith: It's Not a Debate, Michael Rios addresses the need to understand what's happening on each side, the fears, history, methodology, compatibility, and limitations. Without a true understanding of the nature of both sides, diatribes and debates are pointless! Science and Faith: It's Not a Debate explores the development of scientific thought and examines the biblical interpretations put forth by Christians to provide the readers with an appropriate context of each side.

The traditional "main event" whenever science and faith are discussed, evolution and creation is described with respect to accepted scientific theory and hermeneutics, the study of the general principles of biblical interpretation. How can anyone assume to make an informed decision without understanding the scientific and biblical explanations of our origins and how each discipline works? Is reconciliation possible? If both sides are devoted to knowing the truth, there is hope for a convergence of knowledge and understanding. Science and Faith: It's Not a Debate explains how society has been influenced by philosophical intolerance and misinformation and the dangerous effect it can have on our future generations.

--Michael A. Rios

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