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Scared Sh!#less to Success

What happened to the little girl that was stubborn, sensitive, social, and sassy? Somewhere along the journey, she became scared shitless to success. You know, the labels that you give to yourself, the labels that others give to you, the unexpected event that happens in your life that shakes your confidence and paralyzes you from making your next step, or what about being an absolute perfectionist? Oh wait, perfection doesn't exist.While some people are afraid of failure, others are scared of success or should I say, scared shitless to success. What are you truly afraid of—happiness, what others will think or say, humiliation, being rejected? Have you ever found yourself asking the questions "Why am I here? What's my purpose? What's my why? Is there more to life than this?" Remember, everyone has a purpose, and your purpose is waiting for you to step up and show up to help the next person.Although Dr. K had the chance to show up in a world where it's easy to be mediocre, mediocre was never the life for her. Dr. K will take you on a journey of how she rewired her mindset, rewrote her narrative, regained her confidence, and rediscovered her purpose. This journey came with lessons and blessings. She learned that it's okay to be afraid, but have the courage to take the first step or the next step even if you are scared shitless to success.

--Dr. Kennette Thigpen, LCSW

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