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Santa's Lost Handkerchief

Santa’s Lost Handkerchief is a constructive response by three friends to the notion that Christmas for many children is just a day they receive gifts from loved ones.

Children are missing out on the nostalgia of Christmas and the personal growth that comes from recognizing it is more important to give than to receive.

With Santa’s Lost Handkerchief, we’ve created a lighthearted and innovative children’s book that addresses these two issues and brings enjoyment to all.

First, we aimed to create a magical childhood memory that would remain etched in a young mind long after adulthood.

Everyone has childhood memories. Sadly, they aren’t always good ones. Santa’s Lost Handkerchief is our attempt to effect a childhood experience, the memory of which could compare to that of a first bicycle or a first pet.

Secondly, in this era of blogging, tweeting and interactive gaming, we thought, Why not interactive reading? Any child will be swept away as he/she follows Santa across the globe in preparation of his “big night.” Then just when it seems there will be no Christmas, have the special honor of being the one to literally recover Santa’s handkerchief and return it to the North Pole in time to save the day for everyone. A colorful and powerful lesson in “no effort is too small, and anything is possible.”

--Aubrey Donadelle, Carlos Hernandez, & Kevin Murray

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