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Saints or Quacks?: An Exposition of the Good and the Bad of the History, Education, and Practice of Chiropractic

In your hands you hold what could very well change the future not only for you but your family, community, and beyond. It is a book that explains the amazing world of chiropractic along with exposing some of its darker side. If you have contemplated utilizing chiropractic for your health care, this is a must read. If you know nothing about the profession, by all means pick this up. If you believe chiropractic is a sham or hoax, please read this book. If you have been disgruntled with a chiropractor or chiropractor's care, you will want to peruse this book. If you are one of the ten million people who utilize chiropractic care, you must read this to reinforce your confidence and love for the profession.I wrote this book for chiropractors, their patients, and the public who may be considering chiropractic care. Saints or Quacks is a guide to inform about the successes along with the pitfalls that may be encountered when dealing with the chiropractic profession.Come with me on a journey that could unlock an improved world for you and those around you.

--Norman Ross, B.S., D.C.

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