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Sailing Adventures of Mac Brown

Sailing Adventures of Mac Brown is a grouping of short stories about Mac's adventures in and around the creek near his home in Stony Brook, NY. In these stories, Mac heads out into Long Island Sound on a small Sailfish sailboat but forgot to tell his mother he was going! Mac buys his first boat, a little dinghy and uses it to explore the creek with his friends. Mac experiments with seeding a sandbar in the creek using baby clams he has gathered from the local beach and learns about what it takes to grow them. He also helps the Coast Guard navigate their boat up the creek to help save a burning boat in the lagoon. In another stories, Mac and his buddies discover a new hideout in the marshes and find mysterious large clams as well as schools of eels and there is a story about Mac and his friend Christine trying to save a baby dolphin that has been caught in the creek at low tide. These stories are based upon real events but have been fictionalized to add more information about the sea life in the Sound and in the creek. Enjoy reading with your children and grandchildren.

--Stan Corey

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