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Royal Blinds

Growing up without her parents, the twenty-five year young Summer managed to have everything under control for the better. She is the perfect wife to a perfect husband, and finally she gets her happily ever after in the suburbs. Loving her life and her job, she is facing the only thing she hates the most—secrets and lies.

Keeping one dirty secret of her own, she managed to present business as usual up until she was introduced by her boss to Patrick Klainman, an entrepreneur who needed her help hunting his next business target. Summer questioned the man he was, and she kept wondering about his past. The more information she got about Patrick, the more questions and secrets she was learning about her own life. Fighting for her perfect place, knowing there was more than meets the eye, she struggled with the truth being revealed, and her life holding by a thread that has been wrapped in so many lies.

Royal Blinds is a story of how we all were blindsided by one person or something we thought we knew best. It's a story about how life can be perfect one day and drastically change the next. It is about love and betrayal and a great friendship that at the end of the day gives you enough strength to face any curve ball, any lie, and any half-truth about the ones you love the most!

--Jackie M. Rosh

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