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Roxbury Rumbles

Alonzo Martinez is an African American reporter, hired by the Boston Globe to report on the minority community of Roxbury. He believes he was hired only because he is black with an Hispanic name and not because of his talent and ability. He intends to prove himself by writing a breakout story through his visits to Roxbury but is uncomfortable being there because he grew up in a safer, rural environment.

By a strange set of circumstances, Alonzo secretly films the murder of black businessman, Miles Parker, who is running to unseat Congressman Vincent Moffit. The unidentified assailant is dressed as a policeman, and civil rioting quickly ensues. The next day Moffit and his colleague, the Reverend Moses Le Treau, publicly accuse the police for the killing and the rioting continues. The Police Chief, of course, denies that any of his officers was the murderer.

Not convinced it was the police, Alonzo is determined to find out who the shooter is in order to obtain the professional respect he believes he is due. Investigating the crime, Alonzo walks the tightrope between the gangs, the police, his informants, and his coworkers—all of which want a piece of Alonzo Martinez.

Along the way, Alonzo runs into all kinds of characters, ranging from a savvy bartender, gang members who mark where he lives and follow him around, two dark figures associated with the Moffit campaign, a shady bar owner, a helpful police contact, a determined campaign manager, a grieving widow, a mysterious voice guiding his search, and a beautiful but distant woman who captures Alonzo's love.

Find out if Alonzo Martinez solves the mystery and completes his quest for respect and love or ends up the same way Miles Parker did.

--Dennis Allen

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