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Rifleman's Toolbox

Rifleman’s Toolbox is a step-by-step guide for the long-range shooter. L.P. Brezny supplies all the required knowledge needed to make ultra-long-range shots. Using state-of-the-art equipment in rifles, cartridges, and optics, Brezny provides easy-to-understand firing solutions and follows through by way of a steady sight picture that this will ensure success on the range and in the field.

Much of the equipment for this book was supplied directly by the shooting sports industry during product testing by this author, offering special rifles and loads required to meet some positive conclusion in the interest of the reader regarding long-range rifle shooting. In most cases, live-fire performance profiles were conducted at or near the Black Hills of South Dakota. For shooting events, varmints were the primary warm target applications, while steel-plates were used as secondary targets. Rifleman’s Toolbox brings real-world applications to long range shooting instead of textbook theory.

--L.P. Brezny

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