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Revelation for the Revolution: The Foundation (From the Perspective of a 22 Year Old Idealist) Book One

My name is Francis Levi. Well, not really, that's just a pseudonym. You see, every character in Revelation for the Revolution is an actual person, so I have changed our names to keep us anonymous. We characters lived the content, and the content is very real.

I invite you to enter into our dialogue, the questioning, the seeking of Truth. This is something that will touch your core and suck you into the saga of actually knowing yourself.

Honest transparency shows both the ugliness and beauty of our human experience.

I have shared mine so that you might judge yours and test the existence we now share. The Foundation takes you through my coming-of-age moment in time. It begins after my high school graduation in 2002 and ends just before I enter graduate school in 2007.

My goal in this four-part series is to empower you, to show you how I have changed since college over thirteen years, to encourage you to own your own life's story. Remember, if your life/world is not how you want it to be, change it so that you might be fulfilled.

I do not believe in fate; however, I do see how good may come from the evil horrors that free will (by its very nature) must allow to exist.

I hope you will too.

Flip through these pages and see if anything hits you. Look at the illustrations, read a poem, see if anything corresponds. Enter the story. It begins now.

--Francis Levi

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