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Returning to Eden

For thousands of years, humankind questioned what happens when we die. Philosophers and religious leaders searched for an answer. Often, the answer was, after dying, one's spirit goes to a paradise. What happens when we no longer die? Do we ever go to a paradise? Returning to Eden is a story of what humankind needs to do when it achieves immortality in this existence. It will be at least 250 years before humankind achieves immortality. Preparing for that eventuality will be difficult. The book addresses not only the scientific advancements required for immortality but also religion, social mores and folkways, economic science, educational methods, political science, resources requirements, and other factors affected by humankind's achievement. The story takes place 100 years in the future, when technical advancements provide a means for communication using artificial intelligence devices augmenting university professors lecturing from different locations on Earth and Moon for a universal symposium. Unfortunately, for humankind, even 100 years in the future, people will still be engaged in hostile conflicts. These conflicts continually interrupt the symposium, and it takes the efforts of government and university security personnel to resolve the situation. How they do it is futuristic and not simple.

--John Mazurk

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