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Rescue Me


My wedding to the son of an influential Texas family was within a month and my psychology practice was thriving. My life looked picturesque, but I was good at putting on a brave face when in fact, I was miserable. The stress of my job was literally killing me, a faceless stalker was threatening my life, and trouble was brewing with my fiancé. When beautiful and brave Kyle Benson came to my rescue, I recognized something in him I needed. I needed him as surely as I needed to breathe my next breath.


A cruel twist of fate changed my life irreparably. I resolved to deny my emotions and desires forever taking refuge in my career as a Navy SEAL sniper. On one extraordinary night, the unthinkable happened. An intoxicatingly beautiful woman stirred the intense hunger within me that I swore to resist yet, at every turn, fate placed Sibella Shay in my path. She’s a distraction I cannot afford, but I’ve come to quickly realize I can’t live without her and I’ll stop at nothing to protect her.

--Dawn Williams

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