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Renewed Mind: How to Navigate Opposing Forces and Thrive

"I didn't realize I was carrying bitterness about that situation" was a comment by one of my clients recently. Do you dismiss the value of reflecting on your thoughts? Reflecting on emotional pain, with intention, is an often-overlooked skill. Purposefully examining your stress is a way to come to terms with wayward emotions and transform your thinking to a calm and restful internal mind-set. Learn the steps to obtain a lifestyle of transformation in order to enhance your daily regimen of healthy mental well-being. Most of us understand the value of physical exercise, but the value of mental exercise is just as important. Renewed Mind: How to Navigate Opposing Forces and Thrive will heighten your awareness and teach you how to reach a healed state of mind. The goal is to transform your emotional pain and improve your mind and thought connections. Developing habits that maintain clear thinking and emotional understanding is guidance that will last a lifetime.

--Barbara Vetter, LPCC

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