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Redemption: The Taste of a Woman's Rage

Redemption: The Taste of a Woman's Rage is based on life known events. It is about a young woman named April who was being naive to the rules and regulations as a correctional officer. She was targeted by an inmate whom was very charming named Nathaniel. Nathaniel is the type to lure young vulnerable women who is very self-conscious about themselves. She goes through a break up with her boyfriend becoming weak-minded and vulnerable. April eventually fell in love with Nathaniel and they end up becoming sexual with each other.

With April not knowing, Nathaniel has something up his sleeve. It will be a task that will be impossible for her to avoid or get out of. She eventually finds out what he really wants and falls to the level of an inmate. After falling in love with Nathaniel, all hell broke loose, and she became fed up with his antics. She tried to get out the bondage he had her in, but she was not able to because he wouldn't let her. She then found out that Nathaniel had a lover. By the end of it all, April became full of rage with the intent to seek revenge. She sought redemption, and it all tasted so well.

--Marquita Coleman

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