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Red Tide

If you have ever witnessed an actual red tide in full bloom at night, you know how incredibly beautiful the electric-blue light explosions of color with every disturbance of the water can be. However, as with an atomic mushroom cloud billowing into the sky, which is also an incredible sight, the underlying destructive power has the capability to destroy life as we know it.

This book is a work of fiction full of drama and suspense, but it also explores the real dangers the world could face with a massive red-tide event, which could result from the ever-increasing levels of pollutants dumped into our waters. It also addresses the real threat of a pandemic caused by an engineered virus, which would make the novel coronavirus akin to the common cold in comparison. How far has science come in understanding viral engineering? Enter the TA virus and a new cold war!

Ken Shakel—a relentless reporter, trying to understand threats facing not only his own family but the rest of the world.

Doug Smith—a renowned marine scientist, trying to convey to the world the arrival of what he knew for years was inevitable.

Alexandria Jane Smith—a woman no one should mess with, including the CIA!

"He surfaced and swam to the juvenile that was still alive. Its breaths were weak; it was dying. Doug stroked its body with his hand and looked into its eye… It slowly closed, and Doug knew it would never open again. He pressed his ear against the body, closed his eyes, and listened to a slowing heartbeat, bump-bump, bump-bump, bump…and it stopped. He held onto the creature for a moment, feeling a deep sadness."

Could the world's salvation depend upon the one animal on our planet with a brain three times larger than a human's?

--Mark Breinholt

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