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Reasonable Faith: Open-Minded Answers to the Toughest 273 Questions on Christian Faith

Christians and non-Christians alike are troubled by powerful questions:

     Why do innocent people suffer?
     Why isn't spiritual truth objectively provable?
     How can evolution be reconciled with belief in God?
     What is a soul?
     What is moral truth?
     How much hard history do the gospels contain?    
     What did Jesus mean when he spoke of perfection?
     What is evil?

Clear, concise answers to these and 265 other questions are offered in Reasonable Faith. Backed by many years of inquiry and research, this book takes on questions that have been avoided or given terse treatment by other "Christian answer" books. In the process of facing such questions, this work provides an honest and reasonable basis for compassionate Christian faith.

                                                                     "Like a breath of fresh air…wonderful."
                                                                       —Dr. Francis Collins
                                                                       Director of the National Institute of Health
                                                                       Author of The Language of God

                                                                    "A masterpiece."
                                                                       —Brother Aelred Reid, Benedictine Monk
                                                                       St. John's Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota

                                                                     "Beautifully written and diligently researched."
                                                                       —Reverend Richard A. Santella
                                                                       Retired United Methodist Minister

                                                                       —Joan Roughgarden
                                                                       Professor of biology, Stanford University
                                                                       Author of Evolution and Christian Faith

--Americo Tulipano

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