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Put Fire in Your Three Lifts

Put Fire in Your Three Lifts is an exciting, simple, most unique book. It explains in detail how to improve your techniques, increase strength and power in a short period of time. By doing certain exercises, you can see improvement in your three main lifts.

You can (by using this book) see yourself becoming the lifter you always wanted to be. Even if you don’t reach the status of becoming a national lifter you will be happy with the accomplishment you have achieved by using the tools from this book.

Why did I name this book Put Fire in Your Three Lifts? Well, different things have to exist to create a fire. Something has to exist to improve in your lifts (certain things you have to do) to get better. This book will give you the burning desire and the bright light on how to make gains in the lists. Your muscles will (react) get stronger and bigger with the right workout and proper exercises in a short period of time by following the instructions in this book.

--John A Johnson

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