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Proven Roadmap to a Successful Career: A Proven Unconventional Empirical Approach To Building And Protecting Your Career

Proven Road Map to a Successful Career will

• teach you the mind-set needed to cope with the competitive, aggressive, and sometimes cut-throat of the human nature of coworkers;

• direct you to find how to find a niche that will make you of immeasurable value across all departments, making you an indispensable asset to your company;

• give you an upper hand in retaining your job during a job reduction;

• inform you of the top skills needed to be a success in your career;

• show you how to find and utilize mentors that will be instrumental in building your career;

• give you the secrets about how to be an effective leader—secrets contrary to the norm;

• help you develop the skill of managing your boss;

• enlighten you to the principles that will guarantee you a long-lasting, happy, prosperous, and accomplished life.

--Terrell Taylor

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