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Project Anthro

During the cold war, a project that was introduced during WWI has been revived, which involves weaponizing and creating anthropomorphic animals to become operatives, known as anthros.

Chance Logan is a red fox, standing at five eleven, born in London, raised in Australia, and worked for ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Service). Upon returning from fighting in the Vietnam War, he is attacked by the CIA, and he goes to director John Lance to find out why, only to uncover a sinister plot to completely obliterate the two world superpowers, the USSR and the USA.

Chance, his friend from Vietnam, and a team of anthros, including his girlfriend, Katie, take matters into their own hands/paws to stop John Lance before he wipes the two world superpowers off the map and prove that their sole purpose wasn’t to act on animal instinct and do nothing but kill.

--Dallin Newell

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