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Primrose Courier

Primrose CourierBy David LeeThe Purity of the PrimroseThe different paths of two childhood, best friends merge when army courier Mitchell Montigarde finds that the safety of his lifelong friend, civilian Belinda Rusco, may be at stake because of him. As the young courier's task of carrying top-secret information to military personnel increases in danger, so too does his need to distance himself from loved ones to protect their safety, but Mitchell will risk anything and everything to keep Belinda safe … even if it means losing his own life.Selfless love and heroic actions send both down an unexpected course of life events that no person could have foreseen coming in this exciting spy narrative that follows trails of action and intrigue, mystery and romance, through the streets of Washington, D.C., to the woodlands of Eastern Europe in a poetic adventure as the truth unravels about the Primrose Courier.About the AuthorDavid LeeLee is a U.S. Army veteran who, inspired by his veteran grandfather, served during the Cold War and Gulf War. Born with a birth defect, he was originally disqualified from serving in the military, but he was determined to show that his disability dictated neither who he was nor how he would live his life. While in the Army, Lee qualified for his second top secret clearance at the age of 22. After his departure from military service, Lee worked in the utility industry as a forestry expert and electric lineman for a decade before getting back into the defense industry where he became a private investigator/analyst. Lee used his experiences and adventures in life as a basis and foundation to write Primrose Courier, his first published novel blending fiction, original music written by Lee, and his life experiences. Currently, Lee is based in Sonoma County, California, where he is working on the sequel to Primrose Courier.

--David Lee

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