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Pocketbook Diaries - Perilous Times

With her time in Aphrodan still fresh on her mind, Zyaire attempts to put the enchanted world and her thoughts of Acaeus behind her. Yet, life takes an unexpected turn and she finds herself being pulled toward the hidden land she thought she'd never see again. When the emergence of a new face opens the door to even more mysteries leading back to Aphrodan, new secrets are revealed, and Zyaire discovers that her connection to the dazzling world is much deeper than she previously knew.

Meanwhile, back in Aphrodan, Acaeus is struggling with his own tragedies, and when the throne of the north is threatened, he must devise a plan to defend it.

As fate collides with destiny, Zyaire learns of an ancient prophecy once foretold that could bring an end to the Aphrodan once beloved by her great-grandmother, Lillian. With the existence of Acaeus's world on the line, and insurmountable obstacles in their way, how will Aphrodan be saved?

--L.C. Rogers

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