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Phanuel Daughter of a Prophet

"For many weeks after the accident, the evening remained in Phanuel's mind—the surprise, the shock, the blood, and the loss. Her mind was seized by the very smell and feel of the day and would replay it in an unending loop—the unexpected jolt, the warm breath of the people thrown against her, their perspiring bodies blocking her exit, the swarming, wailing, confused crowd outside, and the bloody slaughterhouse feel. She was so very grateful but had many questions. Why had the Lord chosen her that day to live and not the deacon or the unfortunate others?"

Phanuel: Daughter of a Prophet chronicles the amazing life of Phanuel Marrett, a Jamaican missionary, teacher, prophetess, and evangelist. In a biography that reads more like fiction, with its dramatic action and surprising twists, we follow Phanuel from her early days as a humble farmer's daughter through her dynamic life as a servant of the Lord.

--Karen Minott

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