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Perception Denied... The Curse Continues

Barely recovered from the loss of his wife, Henry Jennings is back on the trail of keeping the Russian formulas from landing in the wrong hands. What he thought was a closed case has been resurrected, and now Henry must face another and more dangerous mission where he is torn between believing in human goodness and stopping evil once and for all. Either way, there will be more bloodshed and lives lost if Henry doesn’t do anything to stop Lindstrom and his cohorts from using the formula to satisfy their greed.

The situation has caused Henry to stop and think how far he would go to put a stop to the bloody mess that the formula has left in its wake. What he would do may or may not accomplish anything at all, but to him, it is better than not trying at all. To his friends, Henry was out for revenge; to him, it was to honor the memory of those who died protecting him and the world.

--Philip Faversham

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